12 Cats Who Would Like to Go Camping

1. This cat is bored and would like to go camping.


2. This cat feels that the concrete jungle is NOT where dreams are made, and would like you to take her to the real jungle, please.



3. This cat would like you to turn off Netflix (for the love of everything. IT HAS BEEN NINE HOURS) and take him camping.



4. This cat would love nothing more than to curl up by a campfire and silently judge you while you stuff your face with s’mores. So, please, take her camping.



5. This kitten has been practicing her outdoor survival skills, and would like to test them out while camping.



6. This cat wants a lot of things, like an unlimited supply of catnip, the presidency, and for all dogs to disappear. But camping also sounds nice.


7. This cat would like to know why we are still here. Why are we not camping.


8. This cat has surveyed the land, and is now ready to go camping.


9. This cat appreciates your flair for portrait photography (that’s a lie), but would really rather go camping.


10. This cat is beyond thrilled to spend some quality time with you and will definitely not plot his escape while you are camping.


11. This cat does not want to lounge listlessly on the couch. She would rather be camping.


12. Omg. I am not kidding. Take me #%&*!$ camping.