A list of International Cats for International Cat Day

Who runs the world? Cats. 

To celebrate International Cat Day, we've compiled a list of cool cats from around the globe. 


American Curl 

Country of Origin: United States

When Curls are born, their ears are set straight, but within two to seven days, their ears begin to curl back. They stay that way for the next six weeks until the cats ears begin to gradually curl or uncurl in varying degrees and set permanently when they're 4 months old. HOW ADORABLE. 



Country of Origin: France

Described as a robust and elegant cat in all respects, the Chartreux is a breed that quickly becomes attached to its family. They're known for their dog-like behavior, and can be taught to fetch a ball and respond to their names. So regal. So smart. 



Country of Origin: Canada

This odd-looking breed is known to be extremely lovable, and will perform silly antics in attempt to be the center of your attention. They're abundant in energy and always want to be with you or showing off for you. 



Country of Origin: Persia

These lovable fluff balls have sweet and gentle personalities. Their quiet, melodious voices and tendency to drape themselves on a windowsill or chair make them a constant source of joy and decor in anyone's home. 


Turkish Angora

Country of Origin: Turkey

One of the most outgoing and affectionate of all at breeds, the beautiful Turkish Angora are intelligent, loving, and playfull. The will accept dogs and other animals, but they're alphas of the household, so it will probably tell other pets to GTFO. 



Country of Origin: Isle of Man

This ancient breed originated on the Isle of Man, and is known for its playfulness and loyalty to its family. Its taillessness is caused by a mutation that spread to other cats on the Island way back when, and this mutation was a dominant gene so it kinda took over. But it's cute. They kinda look like they have little man buns. 


British Shorthair

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

This breed is easily trained and very adaptable. Which means you should totally get one and leash train it so you can take it camping. They can be kinda clumsy, but they're sweet and calm, and get along with people of all ages. 



Country of Origin: Siberia

This is a quiet breed that expresses themselves through sweet mews, trills, chirps, and purrs. They are very personable and love to be near their owners at all times. Little cuddle bugs, these guys. 



Country of Origin: Singapore

Known as a "pesky people cat," this extroverted breed is playful but nondestructive. They're intelligent and interactive, and will climb all over literally everything. 


Russian Blue

Country of Origin: Russia

These guys will greet you at the door, find a quiet seat next to you, and is overall sensitive to their owner's moods. They are devoted and affectionate and love to play fetch. PLUS LOOK HOW SHINY THEY ARE. 

All cats facts were found at http://cfa.org/.